Corporate Innovation Training Program

Innovation For High Potential Leaders

Through her experience in the startup ecosystem, Arooj partners with corporate clients to help teams cultivate innovation and adapt to a rapidly changing world. This training program is an extension of her signature keynote at Harvard University (“How To Build A World Changing Idea”), and the content has been well vetted by some of the world’s leading innovation experts, including the CEO of Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory. Teams will walk away with:

  • The 5 key skills of innovators, including Elon Musk’s two-step method for innovation 
  • Design thinking tools and exercises to build and improve upon products 
  • The confidence to “build a bridge to familiarity” and effectively bring innovation to market


The Program Includes….

Part 1)

Setting The Stage: The 5 Key Skills of Innovators

Part 2)


Part 3)

Innovation Methodologies

Part 4)

Taking Innovation To Market

The content is designed to….

Take top performers within an organization and prepare them for leadership roles.

Part One introduces leaders to the same skills that innovators like Elon Musk have used to pioneer new products, focusing on personal development. Once we’ve established the basics, we anchor leaders in Part Two by helping them align with the organization’s vision and objectives. In Part Three, we cover innovation methodologies such as design thinking and JTBD, giving leaders the tools to practice innovation with their teams. And finally, we help teams navigate how to carry out their innovation in Part Four, whether it’s an internal process, a feature, or an entirely new product.

Through helping leaders develop problem solving frameworks, we equip them with the ability to tackle any obstacle headed their way.

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Arooj’s advice and insights have been like the Midas touch for our company.

– Faisal

CEO of Babble (London)

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