Meet Arooj…

Arooj Sheikh is a visionary and a refreshingly optimistic futurist. As the CEO of COVO Venture Studio, she is dedicated to building businesses that help create a more abundant and optimistic version of the future. With a reputation for the “Midas Touch”, she helps entrepreneurs achieve the impossible.

Arooj has been involved in building, launching, or growing over 20 companies to date, ranging all the way from founder to advisory roles. She is the author of “The Fundraising Strategy Playbook”, a global keynote speaker, seasoned business advisor, and soon-to-be podcast host.

Arooj considers herself a connector of dots, always experimenting with different disciplines and viewing entrepreneurship as an art form. She’s been studying different types of businesses for over 15 years, and is now tinkering with new asset classes at COVO. With interests in longevity & wellness, sustainability, and fintech, she aims to uplift society by fundamentally restructuring the world we live in to build more consciously, create abundance at scale, and help humans live longer, healthier lives. 

Community is at the core of all that she does, believing that we create beautiful things through our collective creativity. Her superpower is her infectious enthusiasm and ability to reframe things through a lens of optimism.

An adventurer at heart, Arooj lives abroad seasonally and loves slow travel. She’s lived in Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, San Francisco, Austin, and Singapore. She loves all things wellness, language learning, and salsa dancing. 

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”



What if we all had meaningful votes for what we wanted to see in the world?

As entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders, we create the world we see around us. We vote with what we build, we vote with what we invest in. Our decisions have far-reaching consequences, influencing the course of industries and societies.

Every product, service, or business we bring into the world sends a message, not just about ourselves but about the kind of world we envision.

Beyond profits and losses, let us also consider the broader implications of our actions. How do our businesses impact the environment? Are we contributing positively to the communities we serve? These questions should guide us to create businesses that are not only successful but also ethical and sustainable.

What will you create?

What people are saying…

Samson lei, kastner la

“What an incredible human being. Her work ethic and positive energy, infectious. Arooj is ambitious and courageous, which is complemented by her humble and fun-loving nature. She’s the cheerleader you want on your side to challenge you.”

Rachel lee, You women's wellness

“I have never felt so seen as the person I always knew I could be. Not only did Arooj help me transform the way that I see myself as an entrepreneur, I see this reflected back to me in my business. I find myself finally feeling like I’m playing at the level I have always wanted.”

COVO Venture Studio

Chief Executive Officer

With the world on the verge of tipping either way, we’re voting for a more abundant, optimistic future. We believe in entrepreneurs and business building as powerful vehicles for change. At COVO Venture Studio, we help impact-led entrepreneurs scale.

Podcast Host

The Entrepreneur’s 4 Minute Mile (Coming Soon)

Through conversations with pioneers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, The Entrepreneur’s 4 Minute Mile Podcast is a testament to what can be accomplished when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zones — beyond what we believe to be true about our capacity for success.


The Fundraising Strategy Playbook

How do you raise capital and leverage creative financing strategies to achieve your milestones and bring your vision to life? How do you tailor your funding plan to your exit strategy and bring on the right capital partners?

Read Arooj’s bestselling book on venture capital and creative financing strategies.

How Women Can Create World Changing Companies

Community Builder & Course Instructor

A community of powerful women; of innovators, creators, and changemakers looking to create a better world through the vehicle of entrepreneurship.

First presented as a keynote at Harvard, this two-day LIVE course will rewrite your future as a world-changing woman.

The Futurist Fund Manager & Investor Club


The Futurist Fund Manager & Investor Book Club is for wealth managers that deeply enjoy learning, cross-pollinating new ideas, and are curious to explore what an optimistic and abundant version of future might look like.

International Keynote Speaker

With a knack for striking the perfect balance of inspirational and tactical, Arooj is the kind of speaker that will jolt your audience alive.

Her infectious enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, ability to challenge conventional wisdom, and refreshing takes on the future, coupled with her wealth of knowledge make her an excellent choice for any speaking engagement.

Select speaking engagements: Harvard University, The Startup World Cup, Women’s Venture Summit, Women’s Entrepreneur Summit, Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit, BigVU, The Ortus Club, and Founders Club International.

Entrepreneur Mindset Coaching

Any successful entrepreneur knows that it’s an inside job first — that the right mindset is the key to unlocking success, abundance, and luck in every aspect of life.

Arooj possesses a remarkable ability to quickly identify and reframe limiting beliefs, and you’ll often find yourself saying, “Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it that way”, as she helps you unlock more energy, purposeful action, and direction.

If you want to step into the most successful, joyful, and impactful version of yourself, Arooj is your go-to coach. Apply now for her powerhouse coaching sessions!