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Arooj Sheikh


My Story

I’m the founder of Fuze8, a real estate tech startup based in Austin, TX. I’m a Forbes Fellow and have been involved in entrepreneurship for 11 years. My interests include startups, future tech, supporting female entrepreneurs, and sustainability.

I work with startups to create high level strategy that yields results. I’ve worked with companies to refine their business model, optimize for CAC & LTV, create their fundraising strategy, build a brand, and much more. I specialize in the areas of business strategy, marketing, product, and design thinking (for which I also run workshops).

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

– steve jobs

Featured Works


founder & ceo

Real estate tech startup based in Austin, TX that streamlines the home buying process.

junior associate

west wave ventures

Lead Texas based dealsourcing for a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles.


boss babe

Created content related to startups, venture capital, and marketing to educate and inspire a community of 1.6 million+ women entrepreneurs.

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“If you dropped someone from 100 years ago into today, most of the technology we have now would be considered magic. I want to build that kind of magic into people’s everyday lives.”

– Arooj sheikh

startup enthusiast in austin, tx

arooj sheikh