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Arooj Sheikh

Arooj is a former startup founder turned VC. Previously, she founded a real estate tech startup based in Austin, TX. Having touched upon every major player in the startup ecosystem ranging from venture studios to startup accelerators – she eventually found her home in venture capital. As a keynote speaker, advisor, and author, she’s working towards empowering world-changing ideas and elevating women in the startup ecosystem. 


Fundraising Fundamentals For Startup Founders

Based on “The Fundraising Strategy Playbook”, this keynote helps founders effectively raise capital for the long term success of their companies. Should you raise venture capital or bootstrap? Pitching best practices? How do you get a meeting with an investor?

The Art of Persuasive Pitching + Pitch Deck Fundamentals

This keynote dives into the 3 key elements of a persuasive pitch, as well as best practices to craft a winning pitch deck.

Building Global Startup Ecosystems

What does it take to create the next Silicon Valley? Here’s a hint – it takes a village (or global collaboration).


How Women Can Start World Changing Companies

How do you start a world changing company? And why are women ready to break the glass ceiling? Your audience will walk away from this keynote inspired and ready to take action. Can be adapted to “How To Start A World Changing Company”.

Design Thinking + Innovation

Gain insights into THE make or break strategy for any innovative company. Learn how to design for your customer and optimize everything from your workflows to your sales processes.


Arooj’s keynote was extraordinarily engaging and everyone walked away with invaluable insights.

– Guilherme

Head of innovation, Acelera Escola de Empreendedorismo (Brazil)

Notable Speaking Engagements

January 2021

HARVARD UNIVERSITY • How Women Can Start World Changing Companies

november 2020

THE DIAMOND CHALLENGE • The Art of Persuasive Pitching + Pitch Deck Fundamentals

august 2020

STARTUP WORLD CUP • Building Global Startup Ecosystems

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